BioSilk Silk Therapy with Tahitian Vanilla Thermal Shield


The Silk therapy formula that you have come to love is now available in a NEW LIMITED EDITION FRAGRANCE!

Silk contains 17 of the same 19 amino acids found in hair which:

  • Reconstruct damaged areas to create a smooth cuticle
  • Reinforce hair’s strength to prevent daily damage from styling tools
  • Revitalize and rejuvenate hair for soft, supple, and shiny results

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Indulge in the exotic and sweet scent of Silk Therapy Tahitian Vanilla with notes of tropical fruit, muskwood and fig infusion. Nourish your hair with BioSilk® Silk Therapy® a revolutionary silk-infused product line that strengthens, repairs and revitalizes hair while leaving it silky smooth with incredible shine.

Additional information

Dimensions 1.250 × 1.250 × 5.250 cm


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