BioSilk Volumizing Therapy Shampoo

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Gently cleanse and give hair the essential volumizing ingredients of rice proteins and Hair Volume Complex to restore volume and body. Silk proteins penetrate hair to create incredible shine, while UV absorbers protect your hair from harmful rays. Sulfate and Paraben free.

Key Ingredients & Benefits:

  • Silk proteins penetrate hair to create incredible shine
  • UV absorbers protect your hair from harmful rays
  • Sulfate and paraben free

Silicon Free

BioSilk Volumizing Therapy fuses silk proteins with hair volume complex to strengthen. These essential ingredients build hair body and shine without weighing down your locks. UV hair guards protect your hair from harmful rays. BioSilk Volumizing Therapy gives your hair strength, moisture, shine and protection. Hair Volume Complex, a botanical complex, fortifies hair and invigorates the scalp. Sulfate and Paraben-Free.

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0.5 oz, 2.26 oz, 7 oz, 12 oz, 34 oz

14 reviews for BioSilk Volumizing Therapy Shampoo

  1. Maria H. Guerra


  2. Sandra Dove

    Hair felt super clean after one lather up. I usually have to wash my hair 3 times before I would feel my hair was clean.

  3. Kim

    My hair used to always end up frizzy and itchy after a shower and it was always full of knots and tangles. Now that I bought biosilk, my hair feels like it went through a salon treatment! Truly works wonders for your hair, I highly recommend.

  4. Ella

    Love this shampoo!Please do not discontinue this ever, a terrible rumor I hope! It cleanses my highlighted hair gently, giving my hair volume minus softness that destroys any style. My hair is vibrant, shiny.I am on a mission to stock up, my retailers trying to switch me to another, not going without a fight!

  5. Gail Hoff

    I really like this product for giving my very fine hair more structure but if I use it daily, it starts to weight my hair down. So, I use a small amount almost daily together with another shampoo that adds volume bualone, it tends to make my hair too fluffy. Together I can create the balance I like.

    This is a great product, though, and I always keep some on hand.

  6. Jessica Zaiger

    Been using this shampoo for years. Love it because it’s true to what it says, my hair does have more volume, and I have fine, thin long hair. Also diminishes frizz and makes hair super soft. I also use it with biosilk conditioner and leave in treatment. Will buy again.

  7. Donna Vasquez

    Very good shampoo, leaves hair feeling great

  8. Charlygirl

    I love the biosilk line of products. The only thing about this particular one is it seems to make my hair get greasy much sooner than any of the other shampoos.

  9. Kenny Owens

    Great product 👌✅👍😊
    I definitely Recommend it

  10. Kamsgram

    I have used this shampoo for ten years and absolutely love it. When I run out and have to use other shampoos they don’t compare.

    I have very thick straight hair and this shampoo helps my hair keep the curl after using a curling iron,

  11. Delicca

    Love be this product. I have thin, fine hair and it doesn’t weigh my hair down like other shampoos. Packages arrived on time and in perfect condition.

  12. Sandra Dove

    Hair felt super clean after one lather up.I usually have to wash my hair 3 times before I would feel my hair was clean.

  13. Betty (verified owner)

    Gives my hair has more volume and a healthy shine. Highly recommend!

  14. Melanie J Teegarden (verified owner)

    One of the only volumizing products I can use where I really see a difference in terms of volume and body.

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