CHI Ionic Permanent Cream Hair Color


  • 100 Shades
  • Full oxidation of hair dyes contributing to longer-lasting color
  • Silk cream base has built-in protection for sensitive scalps
  • Contains antioxidants to help prevent color fading
  • Adds intense moisture to hair during coloring services for conditioning while providing natural smoothing agents
  • Adds depth and dimension to each strand for light reflection, producing vibrant color and maximum shine

CHI IONIC Permanent Shine Hair Color is a range of ammonia free permanent hair dyes that come in an extensive, inter-mixable color palette to meet coloring needs. As a solution for permanently altering the hair color, full-gray coverage, and root touchups, it is enriched with Hue Definition Technology to nourish the hair while providing deep
color penetration with even, long-lasting results.


CHI IONIC Permanent Shine Hair Color is ideal for clients who are seeking to change their hair color with long-lasting results. It can be applied on hair to permanently change the color, lighten or darken hair, full-gray coverage, and root touchups. It leaves a vibrant, dimensional color that is full of shine, but without the damage.

Additional information

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1N – Black, 2N – Natural Black, 3N – Darkest Brown, 4N – Dark Brown, 5N – Medium Brown, 6N – Light Brown, 7N – Dark Blonde, 8N – Medium Blonde, 9N – Light Blonde, 10N – Extra Light Blonde, 11N – Extra Light Blonde Plus, 4A – Dark Ash Brown, 5A – Medium Ash Brown, 6A – Light Ash Brown, 7A – Dark Ash Blonde, 8A – Medium Ash Blonde, 9A – Light Ash Blonde, 11A – Extra Ash Blonde Plus, 4CM – Dark Chocolate Mocha Brown, 5CM – Medium Chocolate Mocha Brown, 6CM – Light Chocolate Mocha Brown, 7CM – Dark Chocolate Mocha Blonde, 8CM – Medium Chocolate Mocha Blonde, 6B – Light Beige Brown, 7B – Dark Beige Blonde, 8B – Medium Beige Blonde, 9B – Light Beige Blonde, 10B – Extra Light Beige Blonde, 7I – Dark Iridescent Blonde, 8I – Medium Iridescent Blonde, 9I – Light Iridescent Blonde, 11I – Extra Light Iridescent Blonde, 8S – Medium Silver Blonde, 9S – Light Silver Blonde, 10S – Extra Light Silver Blonde, 5W – Medium Warm Brown, 6W – Light Warm Brown, 7W – Dark Warm Blonde, 8W – Medium Warm Blonde, 11W – Extra Light Warm Blonde, 5G – Medium Gold Brown, 6G – Light Gold Brown, 7G – Dark Gold Blonde, 8G – Medium Gold Blonde, 9G – Light Gold Blonde, 10G – Extra Light Gold Blonde, 5CG – Medium Copper Golden Brown, 6CG – Light Copper Golden Brown, 7CG – Dark Copper Golden Blonde, 8CG – Medium Copper Golden Blonde, 9CG – Light Copper Golden Blonde, 4C – Dark Copper Brown, 5C – Medium Copper Brown, 6C – Light Copper Brown, 7C – Dark Copper Brown, 8C – Medium Copper Brown, 4RB – Dark Red Brown, 5RB – Medium Red Brown, 6RB – Light Red Brown, 7RB – Dark Red Blonde, 8RB – Medium Red Blonde, 4RR – Darkest Red, 5RR – Dark Red, 6RR – Medium Red, 7RR – Light Red, 8RR – Extra Light Red, 4RV – Dark Red Violet, 5RV – Medium Red Violet, 6RV – Light Red Violet, 7RV – Extra Light Red Violet, 8RV – Extra Light Red Violet Plus, 4V – Dark Violet, 6V – Medium Violet, 8V – Light Violet, 50-4N – Dark Natural Brown, 50-5N – Medium Natural Brown, 50-6N – Light Natural Brown, 50-7N – Dark Natural Blonde, 50-8N – Medium Natural Blonde, 50-9N – Light Natural Blonde, 50-4W – Dark Natural Warm Brown, 50-5W – Medium Natural Warm Brown, 50-6W – Light Natural Warm Brown, 50-7W – Dark Natural Warm Blonde, 50-8W – Medium Natural Warm Blonde, 50-3R – Darkest Natural Red Brown, 50-4R – Dark Natural Red Brown, 50-5R – Medium Natural Red Brown, 50-6R – Light Natural Red Brown, 50-7R – Dark Natural Red Blonde, 50-8R – Medium Natural Red Blonde, Blue Additive, Violet Additive, Ash Additive, Double Ash Additive, Beige Additive, Red Additive, Orange Additive, Yellow Gold Additive, Clear Additive