CHI Ultimate Blonde Blender Pack

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  • CHI Digital Color Blender
  • Free 10 Pack CHI Digital Color Blender Stirrers
  • 5 Free CHI Digital Color Blender Bowl
  • Free Beige Blonde Infra High Lift

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With the CHI Ultimate Blonde Blender Pack, buy a Digital Color Blender and get FREE 10 Pack of Stirrers, 5 Bowls, and 1 Beige Blond Infra High Lift.

CHI Digital Color Blender:
Will blend hair color, bleach, or lighteners with developers into a creamy mixture that spreads evenly and reduces waste of the product. Electronic mixing makes mixing color more efficient and cuts down preparation time for color applications. This allows the stylist to easily time and modify mixtures for ideal consistency.


  • Power adapter with USB
  • 30 seconds+ timing (recommended for complete mixing of color or lightener)
  • Hands free
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to clean
  • Perfectly mixed liquid color and cream color
  • Perfectly mixed powder or cream lightener and bleach

CHI Digital Color Blender Stirrers & CHI Digital Color Blender Bowl
A pack of 10 Digital Color Blender Stirrers and 5 Digital Color Blender Bowls.

CHI Infra Blonde High Lift - Beige Blonde
HI Ceramic Technology integrated in CHI Infra Color helps to lighten the hair from the inside out without harshly opening the cuticle layer and allowing the Ionic charged dyes to anchor inside of the hair ensuring longevity of the tone.
CHI Infra High Lift Cream color provides up to 8 levels of lift and tones in a cream oil base for incredible long lasting color with unparalleled shine.

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