Blow Out Primer


How it Works

This is best for chemically treated and damaged, dry hair. It smooths the hair cuticle, locking in moisture and sealing out humidity. Infused with Keratrix™ — a unique compound —utilizes sustained-release technology to gradually release proteins, providing long lasting treatment results. It strengthens and conditions the hair and fills in voids in the cuticle to prevent breakage and add smoothness and shine. This leave-in treatment contains our natural bond agent that has a low molecular weight, allowing it to penetrate deep into the cortex, forming a protective scaffolding between amino acids on the surface and inside the hair to strengthen the hair’s natural keratin structure, proteins to add substance to the chemically depleted keratin structure and our hemp oil and aloe for softness and shine.

pH: ~4.5

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About the Collection

Royal Treatment Bond & Repair is a bonding system used during chemical services to build bonds between amino acids which reduces stress to the hair by strengthening hair's keratin complex. Post chemical service, this system revives moisture and softness, continues to strengthen the keratin in the hair by connecting the amino acids, building hydrogen and salt (ionic) bonds and closing the cuticle for healthy hair with incredible shine.

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